Summer Edition: Top 10 Tips to Save

May 23, 2017 | Posted in Tips & Ways to Save

Post originally published June 11, 2015. Post updated May 23, 2017.

Stacey DPL savings champion sports reporterHey team, Stacey here to round out this season’s top picks to help you be a savings champion by saving money and energy at home in the summer months.

Energy Saver estimates that 6% of the average household’s annual energy budget goes to cooling1 so we’re leading off with some smart plays to help you stay cool for less.

1. Set your thermostat to 78ºF.

The recommended temperature for A/C in the summer months is 78ºF when you’re home, and 85ºF when you’re away. If that’s too high for your comfort, any increase in temperature from the current setting will save you energy. For example, if you’re comfortable at 72ºF, try gradually increasing the setting to 74 or 76ºF. Any increase will help you save. Program your thermostat to do the heavy lifting automatically for you. Did you know: DP&L offers rebates on smart thermostats? Learn more.

2. Clean and replace your air filters each month.

This keeps your system in top shape, and can reduce A/C energy use by 5-15%2.

3. Sub-out inefficient air conditioners.

You can reduce air conditioning energy use by 20-50% by switching to a high-efficiency air conditioner3. Plus, you can score up to $1,250 in rebates from DP&L.

4. It’s a marathon, not a sprint.

Setting your thermostat to a super-low temperature won’t cool your home faster than turning the thermostat down a few degrees. Plus you run the risk of forgetting to adjust the thermostat once you reach the desired temperature, wasting more energy.

5. Don’t add heat to your home with appliances.

Avoid using the oven, clothes dryers and dishwashers during the day. They’ll heat up your home and make your HVAC work harder to keep cool.

6. Windows, curtains and blinds are your first defense.

Keep window, curtains and blinds closed during the day to block the heat from the sun.  Focus on windows that receive afternoon sun. Did you know: interior blinds can reduce heat gain by around 45%? Learn more.

Be sure your windows aren’t letting cold air escape by sealing air leaks. Watch this video for tips:

7. We’re big fans of fans.

Ceiling fans, portable fans and whole-house fans can all work to keep you cool in the summer. A ceiling fan can allow you to raise your thermostat setting by about 4ºF4. Use your bathroom fan when showering to remove heat and humidity.

Remember, fans cool people, not rooms, so be sure to turn off fans when you leave the room.

8. Improve air flow from your air conditioner.

Be sure that your doors and furniture don’t block the airflow from vents.

9. Replace heat-producing incandescent bulbs.

Did you know 90% of the energy used by incandescent light bulbs is wasted as heat5? On the other hand, CFL and LED light bulbs use energy much more efficiently, producing 70-90% less heat, and using 70-90% less energy than incandescent bulbs. Plus, you can save with DP&L’s instant, in-store discounts on CFL and LED bulbs at local retailers. See where to buy discounted light bulbs.

10. It’s time to cut old, inefficient refrigerators.

Is your refrigerator ready for retirement? If your fridge is more than 10 years old, it could be using 200-300% more energy than new ENERGY STAR® models. Recycle your old, working refrigerator to save about $150 per year in energy costs.

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