2018 Energy Leadership Scholarship Awards

May 23, 2018 | Posted in Energy Education

DP&L and Vectren have teamed up to provide three $1,000 scholarships to high school seniors interested in careers in energy. The candidates were assessed on their leadership experience while in high school, as well as their career goals. These scholarships were presented at the Ohio Energy Project’s Youth Energy Celebration. The Ohio Energy Project is a non-profit organization and partner of DP&L, dedicated to educating students and teachers on energy and efficient energy use.

Congratulations to this year’s recipients: Hailey Wick of Lehman Catholic High School, Alexis Cradlebaugh of Valley View High School/Miami Valley Career Technology Center, and Emily (Emmy) Stephens of Oakwood High School.

Hailey Wick, Lehman Catholic High School

Hailey Wick, Lehmann Catholic High School

Hailey Wick says that participating in DP&L and Vectren’s Youth Leadership Summit and Energy Fair prepared her to be a leader by teaching her that she must influence others and work in teams to make a change in how the world views energy. “I have always made it a priority to get others to understand the importance of conserving energy so they are able to make a difference too.” Wick reports that students come to her with ideas for conservation, and she feels it is “very rewarding to know that (she) sparked their imaginations.”

Wick plans to attend the University of Cincinnati and major in nursing with a minor in psychology.



Alexis Cradlebaugh, Valley View High School/Miami Valley Career Technology Center

Alexis Cradlebaugh DP&L and Vectren Scholarship RecipientAlexis Cradlebaugh credits Ohio Energy Project with teaching her about energy and understanding how conservation can make a difference. “Becoming one of the energy leaders in my school, I began to see that energy is works, it’s the motion of particles. Building the energy bike (through DP&L’s Activating and Energizing Girls In Science summer camp) allowed me to finally visualize how energy worked.” She describes the satisfaction of sharing that knowledge with younger students. “It was so powerful bringing the knowledge that I had gained back to my hometown. I loved seeing people that I know get excited about energy. Once I saw how big of an impact my teaching had made, I wanted to influence more people.”

“The information that I have been able to gather from being a part of the Ohio Energy Project has changed who I am as a person and has turned me from being a wasteful person to being a conserving human being that is positively contributing to the beautiful planet that we live on. My transition to a zero waste, sustainable lifestyle has inspired many others at my school to think about where their clothes are coming from, how often they will use certain products, and how many plastic bags they are getting from stores.”

Cradlebaugh plans to attend Ohio University and major in visual communications.


Emmy Stephens, Oakwood High School

Emmy Stephens, DP&L and Vectren scholarship recipientAmong various leadership roles, Emmy Stephens serves as president of Oakwood High School’s Energy Team. “I feel confident in teaching others about energy efficiency in hopes of getting them to think about their everyday energy use. I know that what I have learned will greatly impact my future.”

In addition to Ohio Energy Project activities, the Oakwood Energy Team volunteered to teach young students about energy efficiency at the Dayton Hoopla STEM Challenge. Stephens describes learning about energy saving technology at the event. “DP&L was in the same room as us and I saw that they had a lot of information on how to save energy in your home. Something they had there was a smart thermostat. I instantly became interested and looked more into it when I got home.”

As a budding entrepreneur, Stephens is already looking for way to make her future graphic design business green. “After learning all about energy and the ways you can help conserve it, I have learned about new ways to save energy through technology.” “This also gives me more and more ideas on how I can make my business energy efficient when I’m older. There is an endless amount if things you can do to create this “green” environment and in the end, it creates positive outcomes.”

Stephens plans to attend the University of Cincinnati and study graphic design.


Teacher Awards

Jennifer Stormer, DP&L Teacher of the YearTwo Miami Valley teachers also received awards from DP&L and Vectren for their participation in the Ohio Energy Project. Jennifer Stormer from Northwood Elementary School in Dayton (pictured) was awarded the DP&L Teacher Award and Nathaniel Hatton from Miamisburg High School received the Vectren Teacher Award.


DP&L’s Commitment to Energy Education

DP&L and Vectren team up every year to host an Energy Fair with hands-on sessions for high school students that allow them to mentor their younger peers. Since 2009, DP&L has sponsored the Be E3 Smart energy efficiency program, resulting in more than 81,000 energy efficiency kits sent home through the classroom. Learn more about DP&L’s energy education efforts.

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