6 tips to spring into energy savings

March 19, 2018 | Posted in Tips & Ways to Save

Post originally published May 5, 2015. Updated March 19, 2018.

Savings champions need to change up their game plans to save energy and money with each new season. We pulled out six of our favorite plays to help you save energy at home this spring, and to prepare for summer just around the corner.

1. Go wide for savings

Take advantage of spring’s mild temperatures and wide open windows to save on cooling costs. In the summer, you’ll want to block the air flow around windows and doors to keep cool air in as temperatures rise. Use caulk and weather stripping to seal air leaks. Check out this video for more information.

2. Perfect your spin move by installing efficient light bulbs

Did you know the average home has 40 light bulb sockets? Take inventory of your light bulbs to see how many inefficient, incandescent bulbs you can sub-out with energy efficient bulbs. LED light bulbs use 70-90% less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs. Plus, DP&L offers instant, in-store discounts on a variety of LEDs to make it easy for you to save energy and money. See where to find discounted energy efficient light bulbs.

3. Schedule a pre-season checkup of your cooling system

You want to make sure your cooling system is in peak shape for the summer. Have a professional conduct annual maintenance on your system. DIY maintenance such as vacuuming registers and cleaning air ducts can help keep your system from working too hard. Replacing or cleaning your air filters monthly can lower your system’s energy consumption by up to 15%1.

If your HVAC system struck out over the winter, you can score up to $1,000 in rebates from DP&L when you replace it with an efficient model. Learn more about HVAC rebates for your home from DP&L.

4. Change the direction of your ceiling fans

Did you know your ceiling fan is a switch hitter? Flip the switch so your fan turns in a counter-clockwise direction. You should feel a cool breeze when standing underneath the fan. And remember, fans cool people, not rooms so turn them off when you leave the room to save energy.

5. Don’t let dirt and dust steal your savings

As part of your spring cleaning routine, make sure your refrigerator’s condenser coils are cleaned and air can circulate freely. When dust and pet hair build up on the coils, the motor works harder and uses more electricity. While you’re at it, dust your HVAC registers and make sure they’re not blocked by furniture or drapes.

6. Give your water heater a fitness test

Did you know your water heater is the second highest energy user in your home? Using less hot water is the most effective way to reduce water heating costs, but there are several easy ways to make sure your water heater doesn’t use more energy than necessary. Clean the area around your water heater, and be sure that the vents aren’t clogged with dirt and dust. Set the thermostat to 120° Fahrenheit and double check the temperature to see if the thermostat is accurate. Energy Saver has tips to help you safely lower your water heating temperature. If you have a storage water heater, insulate the tank to minimize heat loss. Check our more tips to save on water heating costs.

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