Leadership scholarships awarded to three Miami Valley seniors

May 10, 2016 | Posted in Energy Education

DP&L and Vectren have teamed up to provide three $1,000 scholarships to high school seniors interested in careers in energy. The candidates were assessed on their leadership experience while in high school, as well as their career goals. These scholarships were presented at the Ohio Energy Project’s Youth Energy Celebration. The Ohio Energy Project is a non-profit organization dedicated to educating students’ and teachers’ understanding of energy and efficient energy use.


Congratulations to this year’s recipients: Cassidy Hemm of Lehman Catholic High School; Taylor Lackey of Eaton High School; and Katheryn Starnes of Clinton-Massie High School (pictured above). Hemm and Lackey were unable to attend and will be presented their scholarships at a later date.

Cassidy Hemm, Lehman Catholic High School

Hemm joined Lehman’s Ohio Energy Project Team as a freshman, while also working to create an application for future students and a schedule for the team to get involved with an energy camp, a recycling program and a greenhouse. Hemm plans to attend Miami University where she will study science.

“We as informed citizens have the responsibility to keep up with the ever changing advancements. Being involved in the Ohio Energy Project for three years helped me to keep my knowledge fresh about up-and-coming alternate fuel sources each year.”

Taylor Lackey, Eaton High School

Lackey was a member of Eaton’s Green Team during her time at school, as well as creating a Nutrition Club during her junior year. Lackey will attend the University of Toledo, where she will major in environmental engineering.

“I hope to continuously open the minds of others to the countless possibilities of renewable and more sustainable energy throughout my lifetime and career.”

Katheryn Starnes, Clinton-Massie High School

Starnes, attending Boise State University in the fall as an undecided major, will minor in conservation and sustainability. Starnes has participated in Ohio Energy Project activities for five years and is intrigued by all things energy.

“The things that I’ve learned concerning conservation of energy, I have tried to share with my friends and family. I’ve helped install door sweeps and low flow shower heads around our school. I’ve encouraged my family to think smart, by turning off lights, taking shorter showers, and replacing light bulbs with LEDs and CFLs.”

Teacher Awards

Two Miami Valley teachers also received awards from DP&L and Vectren for their participation in the Ohio Energy Project. Tracy Merica of Graham Middle School (pictured below) was awarded the 2016 DP&L Teacher Award and Catherine Ackerman of Twin Valley South High School received the 2016 Vectren Teacher Award.


DP&L’s Commitment to Energy Education

DP&L and Vectren team up every year to hold an Energy Fair with hands-on sessions for high school students that allow them to mentor their younger peers. Since 2009, DP&L has sponsored the Be E3 Smart energy efficiency program, resulting in more than 50,000 energy efficiency kits sent home through the classroom. Learn more about DP&L’s energy education efforts.

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